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An exciting journey

An exciting journey

« Sur les traces de Marco Polo » was a regional program project of Action Culturelle de l'Education Nationale (Cultural act from tje Department of Education). It took place in Lot et Garonne during 2014-2015 school year.
Sally Galet was a great part of this project. She wrote parts of the choir, played the music for the instrumental part and helped for preparing children.
Sally Galet also created a musical tale ordered bu the Opéra National de Bordeaux for the secund edition of 
« Chœur d’Orchestres »festival  (february 2018).
There are two ways of singing her songs, unison or 2 equal voices completed by some 2-voiced parts and a canon of 6-voiced percussions. Some freestyle parts are included in the sixth scene and a solo sung by a child in the tenth one.
Chorus singers have to perform a physical part during three scenes. The objective is to portray 12 musical scenes all connected by the plot, the Oriental theme and Venice music by the mean of orchestration and different musical styles of which is composed  « Sur les traces de Marco Polo ».

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