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Booklets for equal and mixed voices choirs.
13.00 EUR
Arc en ciel
This is a collection of 11 polyphonic songs composed by Jean Gauffriau for two and three equal voice choirs. Songs are based on beautiful poems from several eras.

10.90 EUR
Armonie in concorso
This is a collection of sheet music which wan prizes to the 4th international Trento’s arrangement competition, in 1986 for popular songs arrangements and composition of sheet music based on popular ones. They were written in several languages, but there are French introductions and translations.

26.70 EUR
Chants des pays de France
This is a collection of 118 popular songs arranged by Bernard Lallement for mixed choirs. Some of these songs were arranged for equal voices.
These songs are mostly little-known ones and published for the first time, but they are among the most beautiful, the greatest and everlasting songs.
The 4-CD set named “Chants des Pays de France” is also available.