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Collines de la mer

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Collines de la mer
Which poet never dreamed of new horizons, of something better than surrounding landscapes? If new horizons are In fact the open sea, then the desire for journey can become strong enough to transform the familiar setting. You could feel “la mer et ses grands plis d’herbage sous ses pas” (the sea and pasture under your feet), you could travel from hill to hill by means of a “houle légère” (light swell), you could get away with “trois-mâts pensifs” (contemplative three-masters) you think you see through the forest. Maybe you would make one of your childhood dream come true when you would create “la mer pour ses bateaux d’écorce” (the sea for bark boats). Yes, “sa barque est d’illusion” (bark is only illusion) but it can take you to beautiful new horizons if you believe it.