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First shipment of new products, summer 2022 

Discover our selection of new works!

From Michael Praetorius to Michel Prezman, from Mirtha Pozzi to Josquin Desprez, you'll find here a selection for equal and mixed voices choir that, we hope, will meet your expectations.

What a way to spend a summer in song!

À Cœur Joie Publishing is happy to continue to propose you on 2022, its "Corne à Partoches"

This year again, the themes covered in the THEMATIC formula will be rich and varied, and our NEWS will be suitable for all choirs.

These formulas are available in two shapes :

  • First formula « news only » available for mixed voices and equal voices.
  • Second formula with topics changing at each delivery.

The contents :

The "news only" package include two deliveries per year (in June and December) allowing you to prepare your repertoire by consulting attractive new products!               You will receive about 4 scores per mailing. You will mainly receive sheet music, but you can also receive excerpts from large scores and collections.

With the "thematic" formula, you will discover scores already published in our catalog (and also some novelties when they match with the thematics) around topics which can be linked to current events. You will receive two deliveries per year, in march and september. You may receive full works but also large extracts of scores or collections.

The advantages :

  • To constitute a very rich personnal score library and to discover musics of all styles.
  • Discount on quantity : sheet music - from 20 copies - 20% discount.
  • Discount on quantity : scores and collections - from 10 copies. - discount of 12,5%.
  • become a privileged partner of Editions À Cœur Joie and to support creation.
  • To be able to propose original concert programs.

Advantage + for members of  À Cœur Joie NGO :

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