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Discover our Booklets with selected collections of varied Musics for mixed and equal voices

Éditions À Cœur Joie at your side for the choice of your repertoire: in our miscellanies for mixed and equal voices choirs you wil find varied musics : sacred or profane, Jazz, Gospel, World, Contemporary, traditionnal ...  Enjoy our wonderful online choice of Choral Singing collections for equal and mixed voices either A Cappella or with piano accompaniment !

Our scores are carefully studied, tested and designed to fit 2 voices, 3 voices or 4 voices choirs. Moreover, we publish new works all year long to propose a renewed repertoire with fresh music of our times for Choirs, Ensembles, Classrooms ...For more advice, do not hesitate to call out the choral specialists, for you choice of collections for equal and mixed voices.

Are you looking for booklets for Equal voices only, or for Mixed voices only

We also have many. Discover them now !

Armonie in concorso

This is a collection of sheet music which wan...
12.50 EUR
C(h)AN(t)ONS - 20 canons à croquer

New to discover urgently C(h)AN(t)ONS by Jérôme...
17.20 EUR
Chants des pays de France

This is a collection of 118 popular songs...
30.70 EUR
(-18.57%) 25.00 EUR
Du rythme à la parole
Collection of original compositions by Mirtha Pozzi perfect to discover her unique universe of spoken rhythme.
13.00 EUR
César Geoffray and Stéphane Caillat gathered 50...
11.40 EUR
Thomas Moreau - vocal practice of choristers and soloists, and performances
18.70 EUR
Recueil Franco Allemand de chansons

This is a collection of 140 songs based on...
12.50 EUR

Discover Vivat, 32 harmonized canons for mixed...
8.30 EUR