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Orchestral parts on hire

Process to hire instrumental parts and conductor's score:

Please contact uswith:

  • concert(s) date(s) and venue(s) (date and venue changes are possible later,if your project evolves)
  • name and address of the organizer responsible for the material
  • invoicing and delivery addresses, + telephone to facilitate delivery.

On receipt of these elements, you will receive 3 documents: a quote, a contract and the nomenclature of the parts.

The score and parts are sent on receipt of the signed contract, the nomenclature filled in and payment of the quote.

PLEASE NOTE: our material does NOT include choir parts, they must be purchased on our website.

Example of message that can be used (to be filled with your data) :


We need to hire the material for the work XXXXXX.

         Concert dates and venues will be:

Name and address of the organizer: - - - - -

Invoicing name and address: - - - - -

Delivery name and address: - - - - -

       Please send us a quote, as well as for the purchase of XXXXXXXX choir parts and XXXXXX choir and piano parts.

Good to know:

The price includes the quantity of parts YOU need and not a predetermined quantity.

The duration while you keep the material does not impact the price.

The rate is for one performance, to be multiplicated by the number of performances you will give.

You can request for a charge-free and non-binding borrowing of a score for 15 days in order to secure your choice of work (return shipment at your charge).

Feel free to contact us should you have any question.

List of the works on hire:

Roméo et Juliette - Eric NOYER

Soleil d'Akhenaton - Anthony GIRARD
Missa Gallica - Bernard LALLEMENT
Les Trois Plumes - Jean GAUFFRIAU
Cantate Pour la Paix - Bernard LALLEMENT
Grande Messe des Morts - François-Joseph GOSSEC
Le berger de lumières - Petit ensemble - Roger CALMEL/ Didier RIMAUD
Le berger de lumières- version Orchestre - Roger CALMEL/ Didier RIMAUD
Le Cordonnier et le PDG - Rudolf SCHMIDT-WUNSTORF
Le Combat des Rats et des Belettes - Rudolf SCHMIDT-WUNSTORF
Stabat Mater - Roger CALMEL
Le Vilain Petit Canard - Jean GAUFFRIAU
Le Miroir de Marie-Madeleine - Jacques CHARPENTIER
Magic Parade - Jean-Paul BAUMGARTNER / Irène et Jean-Paul GUNSETT
BD Blues - Big Band - Eric NOYER
Radio Plus - version orchestre d'école de musique - Eric NOYER
Te Deum - Georges BIZET
Off, Off, Offenbach - Jacques OFFENBACH / Marie-Laure TEISSÈDRE / Gérard LECOINTE
Angela - Voix égales - Eric NOYER
À Propos d'animaux - Sally GALET
Champagne et Camomille - Voix mixtes - Eric NOYER
Dans le Coeur de Chaque Homme - Jean GAUFFRIAU / Joseph WRESINSKY
Nausicaa - Alfred HERZOG / HOMÈRE
Salut au Monde - César GEOFFRAY / Walt WHITMAN / Raphaël PASSAQUET
Cantate du Bout du Monde - Jef LE PENVEN / Pierre HELIAS
Magnificat - Roger CALMEL
A la Lumière - Bruno GOUSSET / Anatole FRANCE
Klezmer'l suite - Bruno GOUSSET
Messe solennelle - Louis-Victor-Adrien BOIELDIEU
Les Châteaux de la Loire - César GEOFFRAY / Joachim DU BELLAY / Charles PEGUY
Requiem - Roger CALMEL
Beatus Vir - André CAMPRA
Spiritual suite - Bruno GOUSSET
Une petite suite Rouergate - Bruno GOUSSET
L'Île aux Trois Fontaines - Daniel COSTE
Je me Souviens - Norbert OTT
Messe de Requiem - Opus 54 - Camille SAINT-SAËNS / Pierre CALMELET
Petit Magnificat - Daniel BONNET
Le Petit Sapin Bleu - Michel FRANTZ / Roger LANDY
Atikapati - Jean-Luc RIMEY-MEILLE / Cécile BERUARD
Le Sang de Marsyas - Rudolf SCHMIDT-WUNSTORF / Henri de RÉGNIER
Di Maggio - Julien LE HERISSIER / Giorgio FICHERA
Le voyage de Marco - Sally GALET
Prières pour les temps de détresse - Georges DELERUE

De cendre et d'or - Sally GALET / Thomas GORNET

Messe de Noël - Bernard LALLEMENT

Portraits du passé - Sally GALET

Héritiers du futur - Sally GALET