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Mixed Voices

Selected works in a convenient form.
20 chants populaires du Limousin

Roger Calmel, Michel Delamasure, Jean Pagot, and...
15.50 EUR
Alberto Grau- 21 sacred and secular polyphonies

The choirmaster and composer Alberto Grau was...
20.20 EUR

Bernard Lallement arranged these 26 popular...
16.40 EUR
Antholologie de chansons populaires françaises

This is collection of 25 popular songs arranged...
17.00 EUR
Au joli jeu d'amour

16th century love songs were a major part of...
34.30 EUR
Boris Vian

Boris Vian was born on March 10, 1920, in...
10.90 EUR
César Geoffray- Recueil 24 polyphonies
Invocation au soleil (César Geoffray)
22.90 EUR
Chanson traditionnelles pour aujourd'hui

The major part of the songs of this collection...
27.40 EUR
Chansons et pièces sacrées

This is a collection of twenty secular and...
16.00 EUR
Chansons pour boire et rire à table

This is a collection of 16 ancient and popular...
12.40 EUR
Chant commun XXe Choralies 2010
O ma belle Aurore (César Geoffray / Léon-Robert...
16.10 EUR
Chant commun XXIe Choralies 2013
An irish blessing (Irlande) (James E. Moore Jr...
16.60 EUR
Chant commun XXIIe Choralies 2016

“Choralies in Vaison-la-Romaine is a highly...
18.50 EUR
Chant commun XXIIIe Choralies 2019

THE songbook : must-have of the festival...
15.00 EUR
Choeurs de la révolution Française

This is a facsimile of 14 songs for choirs which...
13.20 EUR
Choeurs d'opéras Français

Jean Laforge collected songs of big choirs from...
37.60 EUR