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Éditions À Cœur Joie offers a varied choice of books about choral singing : musicology, choir music, humoristic studies  of a choir, handbook for choir conducting, singing technique manuals ... get our books at hand on your shelves, enjoy our choice online !

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Arrêtez il va pleuvoir- Performance advisory booklet

This is a collection divided in 6 scenes of...
2.90 EUR
César Geoffray et  À Cœur Joie

If you want to know a little more about the...
11.60 EUR
César Geoffray par ses textes

Marcel Corneloup and Michel Burgard selected and...
20.00 EUR
Démarches au pays du trois- 3rd book- Full score

47 melodies are gathered in this collection...
19.50 EUR
Démarches aux frontières du trois- 4th book- Full score

49 melodies are gathered in this collection...
20.00 EUR
Diaphonia 1- Les premières polyphonies

This book was published by Jacques Viret.
23.40 EUR
Diaphonia 2- L'école Notre-Dame et ses conduits polyphoniques

This is a selection of 12 scores for one to four...
23.40 EUR
Diaphonia 3- Le llibre vermell de Montserrat

This work is composed of a book and a unique...
23.70 EUR
Diaphonia 4- Les motets du manuscrit de Montpellier

The fourth volume tome of this medieval music...
17.70 EUR
Faire chanter

This collection can be performed by beginners...
20.00 EUR
Flashs dingues- Mise-en-scène booklet

This is a series of musical sketches for...
3.30 EUR
Initiation à l'intonation
- Intonation sur les secondes
- ntonation sur les...
12.00 EUR