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The choir arrangement of "La Danse des jeux"

The choir arrangement of What is Danse des Jeux? La Danse des Jeux is a Cultural Olympiad-labelled choreography created by Mourad Merzouki to original music by Müller & Makaroff (Gotan Project) celebrating the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This choreographic creation is also an educational project designed to encourage sporting activity.

Quite naturally, Éditions À Cœur Joie, in partnership with the Association À Cœur Joie, is offering you an arrangement for equal voices (an arrangement for mixed voices is in preparation).

To get the Upper voices Octavo just click HERE

For all your repertoire researches, as for any question: Contact us!

The official webpages for more info about the "Danse des jeux" : Check HERE !

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Digital Choral Scores - PDF

Digital Choral Scores - PDFFor some years now, we've been thinking more and more about selling our scores in digital format.

We now have a happy-go-lucky solution, and we're delighted to be able to offer you part of our catalogue for digital sale. Here are a few key points:

1 - For the time being, this solution will not allow you to combine your 'digital' and 'paper' orders. You will therefore have to place two orders: one for the PDF scores, and a second for the paper scores.

2 - To be eligible for digital sales, you will need to include only eligible titles in your shopping basket. You can use the filters to sort your search results (or directly in the catalogue) to see which titles are available in PDF and which are not.

3 - Select "Digital sales" in the delivery section of your order, otherwise we don't know whether you are ordering paper or PDF scores.

4 - Please note that PDF delivery is not instantaneous: we will need to watermark and protect your PDF "manually", so you may receive your PDF a few hours or days after placing your order.

More info: check the complete tutorial HERE or contact us!
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Le chant des séniors

Le chant des séniorsLa voix chantée évolue au fil de la vie et nécessite à tous les âges une « mise à jour » pour favoriser un plaisir de chanter toujours renouvelé.
L'Association À Cœur Joie, sous l'impulsion de Dominique Michaut-Alchourroun a créé un programme spécial dédié aux séniors et au vieillissement de la voix.
Fort de l'organisation de son premier stage à l'automne 2022, elle renouvelle l'expérience en 2023 à Aix-Les-Bains
Il nous a donc paru naturel de promouvoir cette initiative en sélectionnant judicieusement le répertoire que nous souhaitons mettre en avant dans notre catalogue.
Nous avons donc créé un label "Chant des séniors", qui permettra aux chef.fe.s et aux choristes en quête de répertoire de mieux l'identifier au sein de notre catalogue. 
Pour cela, il suffit de taper dans la barre de recherche sur notre site internet : "Chant des séniors" afin de trouver la sélection.
Nous affinerons et peaufinerons cette liste au fur et à mesure de l'évolution de notre catalogue.
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Contemporary composers for a cappella choirs : Arnaud Juliot

Contemporary composers for a cappella choirs : Arnaud Juliot

Éditions À Cœur Joie is pleased to introduce you to Arnaud JULIOT's musical universe : 

After studying classical guitar at the Conservatoire or Orléans, in Gérard Abiton's class, he perfected his skills in the Department of Music and Musicology of Tours, studying musical composition and choir conducting with Jean-Marc Leblanc and Agnès Charles.
A the same time, he developed these disciplines at the CRR in Tours with Anne Aubert and Pierre-Louis Godeberge, where he became an assistant at the Chamber and Symphonic Choirs of Tours.
Since 2005, he has collaborated with various vocal ensembles in the Centre region: Choir of the University of Orléans, Choir of the city of Rochecorbon, Choir of TIA University, Arthur Honegger choir..., while beeing called upon to perform abroad (Weimar).
He is also the founder of the vocal groups Outremer and Barber Cue Project, as well as the instrumental and choral ensemble Effigies.
He is the author of numerous a cappella choral works and a recent winner of the Ablaze Call of Scores 2017 international composition competition in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is in this capacity that his winning award winning Jubilate Deo was recently recorded in the United States.

Published by Éditions À Cœur Joie :

O salutaris hostia
Jubilate Deo

Coming soon: "In Paradisium"

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Contemporary Composers for a Cappella Choirs : Lionel Ginoux

Contemporary Composers for a Cappella Choirs : Lionel Ginoux

Contemporary composers who live solely from their pen... it's almost impossible in France. And yet, our creators have nothing to envy in terms of quality and originality to their colleagues from other countries. By programming one or other work by a living French composer, your choir will gain in energy and vivacity, and French cultural creation will be heard.

Lionel GINOUX :

"Write... in all simplicity... write what is inside me, not through words, but through sounds. Without any preconceived notions of style, I need to combine music, sounds and materials to provide sense and to witness the world."

Lionel Ginoux studied visual arts (cinema, audiovisual and sound engineering) before devoting himself to musical writing, training alongside Régis Campo, Barnabé Janin, David Owen, Roger Cawkwell, Georges Boeuf... He writes lyrical, sensitive and powerful music with a strong attachment to musical energy and drama. His writing is singular. It is in line with the continuity of contemporary music of the 20th century without denying vocality or classical harmony. Because of his musical curiosity, his writing is inspired by popular music and jazz. He writes mainly for "accoustic" formations: symphony orchestra, choir, opera, chamber music and soloist.
The Abbaye de Fontevraud welcomed him in residence for his chamber opera VANDA (libretto by Jean-Pierre Siméon).

Published at Éditions À Cœur Joie :

Discover and promote these opus, your interpretations will bring them to life. Feel free to contact us for advice to include the pieces in your program.


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Georges Delerue, a classical composer

Georges Delerue, a classical composer
Do you really know Georges Delerue?
This immense movie music composer had a pet peeve: composing "pure" classical music.
On August 12, 1983, during the XIth Choralies festival in Vaison la Romaine, one of his favorite pure music compositions was premiered: Prières pour les temps de détresse. This work for choir and instrumental ensemble is available for sale as choir part, choir-piano part, conductor and instrumental parts for rent (contact us). A recording project, planned for March 2020 and postponed for a long time, has finally been realized: nothing better to convince you to program this piece than to hear it. Find the CD on sale HERE.
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