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Mozart de retour Lyon

Mozart de retour  Lyon

Do you remember Mozart's visit to Lyon?  Well, MOZART is BACK TO LYON !

MOZART A LYON offered a perfect opportunity to  celebrate Lyon's gastronomy. 
Therefore, the first movement of MOZART DE RETOUR A LYON, must propose activities requiring little effort perfectly adapted to the state of those who would have just benefited without sufficient moderation.
First Menuet underlines the contrast between chilhood ant youth of Mozart, when he has been projected on front of stage by his father, and it's mature when he needed less this benevolent support.
The second menuet reflect the original version of Petite Musique de Nuit which included an othe menuet just after inital Allegro.
Third movement is a modification in menuet form (three-beat rythm) of Non pi andrai from Noces de Figaro, witch rythm is four-beats.
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