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Discover our sheet music for 4 (and more) equal voices ...

Éditions À Cœur Joie at your side to help you find  some sheet music written or arranged for 4 equal voices choirs : ancient music, classical, contemporary, jazz, traditionnal songs and pop, world etc. We offer a comprehensive repertoire of choir musics for 4 equal voices. Enjoy a wide repertoire available online : our sheet music for 4 equal voices choirs are available constantly and quickly thanks to our Print-on-Demand process !

Our musics will suit upper voices choirs : women ensemble as well as children choirs ; if you need a piece for a contest, check our catalogue !

Remember : we publish new musics all year long to offer a renewed repertoire for your choirs and ensembles. For more information about our musics for 4 equal voices, just contact the specialists in choral singing : we know our catalogue, you know your choir, let's find the perfect match together ! 

Are you looking pieces for 2 equal voicesor 3 equal voices musics ? Our catalogue is full of wonderful choir music ! Discover them now !

 À la musique- Choir and piano

Emmanuel Chabrier was born in Ambert in 1841....
10.00 EUR
Atikapati- Choir
Atikapati (Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille/ Isabelle...
7.00 EUR
Au retour de dure prison
Pierre-Gérard VERNY
3.25 EUR
Ave Maria

This music by Nathalie BIARNES is intended for...
3.05 EUR
Ave Maria 2

It’s complicated to seize a text when it was so...
1.95 EUR
Bere's shit- Full score

This sheet music is intended to be performed by...
14.30 EUR
Crucifixus/ Benedictus

Tomás Luis de Victoria’s Missa Gaudeamus is...
4.20 EUR