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Éditions À Cœur Joie at your side to help you find  some sheet music written or arranged for 4 equal voices choirs : ancient music, classical, contemporary, jazz, traditionnal songs and pop, world etc. We offer a comprehensive repertoire of choir musics for 4 equal voices. Enjoy a wide repertoire available online : our sheet music for 4 equal voices choirs are available constantly and quickly thanks to our Print-on-Demand process !

Our musics will suit upper voices choirs : women ensemble as well as children choirs ; if you need a piece for a contest, check our catalogue !

Remember : we publish new musics all year long to offer a renewed repertoire for your choirs and ensembles. For more information about our musics for 4 equal voices, just contact the specialists in choral singing : we know our catalogue, you know your choir, let's find the perfect match together ! 

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À la claire fontaine

Arrangement for four equal voices a cappella...
3.40 EUR
À la musique- Choeur et piano
Emmanuel Chabrier was born in Ambert in 1841. He worked with the Ministry of the Interior and became a composer. He was friends with Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns, Jules Massenet, Vincent d’Indy and César Franck but also with impressionist painters like Édouard Manet and he collected his paintings. His works inspired Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel for example. "À la musique” is a little-known sheet music intended for a 4 female voice choir and solo soprano. There are soft and bold harmonies and that add originality to your programs.
11.40 EUR

Minimum delivery time 2 to 3 weeks.
3.05 EUR
Alleluia - SSAA - Prezman
SSAA a cappella - Michel Prezman
7.40 EUR
Ave Generosa
This SSAA (women's choir) setting of Hildegard...
3.99 EUR
Ave Maria - Biarnés - SSAA

This music by Nathalie BIARNES is intended for...
3.40 EUR
Ave Maria 2 - Rutgé - SSAA

It’s complicated to seize a text when it was so...
2.15 EUR
Ave Verum - Gauthier - SSSAAA

Ave Verum, a composition by Florent Gauthier...
7.40 EUR
Barbershop Fun

"These great collections let men sing four-part...
27.09 EUR