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Collections for upper voices (Equal voices) : all your repertoire, handy.

Éditions À Cœur Joie is publishing a wide range of collections for equal voices choirs : You will find a cappella polyphonies for upper voices, andalso works with instrumental ensemble accompaniment,  or simply with organ or piano. Enjoy our exceptionnalrepertoire online with our collections for equal voices choirs !

The works are suitable for women or children voices. Follow our blog to stay updated with all the new musics we are publishing all year long.

For more advice on our collections for equal voices choirs, contact us we will be happy to guide you.

Are you looking for collections for mixed voices, or equal voices sheet music ? We can provide some too. Find your new program there !

10 nouveaux petits choeurs pour voix égales

Patrice Bernard was born in 1952, in Casablanca....
10.90 EUR
Alberto Grau- Recueil voix égales

Come and sing Alberto Grau's collection for...
23.40 EUR
Arc en ciel

This is a collection of 11 polyphonic songs...
15.10 EUR
Broadway Favorites - Women's Edition

"The Hal Leonard Vocal Sheet Music series is an...
33.29 EUR
Ça déméjazz- Direction

Pierre-Gérard Verny arranged these 11 famous...
20.30 EUR
Cantilènes 1
Rossignol qui va en France (Lucien Jean-Baptiste...
7.80 EUR
Cantourel 10- Môm en chantant

Stéphanie Lefebvre is happy to present these...
13.50 EUR
Cantourel 4- L'automne, fruits et feuilles
Bon vigneron ()
Ils sont dans les vignes les...
12.00 EUR
Cantourel 6- La valise à malices

A best seller among children songs songbooks, a...
12.50 EUR
Cantourel 7- La maraude aux chansons

In the renewed "Cantourel" collection, two great...
13.00 EUR
Cantourel 8- Les mots en fête

Jacques Erdos and Marcel-Joseph Rizzi, two...
12.50 EUR
Cantourel 9- Les rigol'mots

Jacques Erdos and Sylvie Bonafi wrote these...
12.50 EUR
Change le temps
Aujourd'hui je chanterai (Marie-Thérèse Robin/...
12.50 EUR
Chansons à gestes 1
Le moulin (Jean Naty-Boyer/ Jean...
16.60 EUR
Chansons à gestes 2
Je m'déguise (Jean Naty-Boyer/ Jean...
16.60 EUR
Chanter l'Europe 2- Pays de l'ouest
Le frêle gui (Jean Lancois/ Jeno Rehak )
21.30 EUR