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I am an individual customer but I order for a choir, how to make it appear on my order?

On our website each account is identified by an email.

• If you are a representative of a choir and you still order for it, the best solution is to create your account with email of the choir, (if it does not exist we advise you to give him one), and fill out the registration form with contact information.

• If you usually order for you and exceptionally for a choir, you can report it in the "Name of the company" field and create (possibly) a new delivery address corresponding to this shipment.

I can not order my reference to the unit, why?

Some of our references have a minimum order:

• 10 minimum order copies for leaflets (code starting with A11),
• 20 minimum order copies for all choirs alone.

I subscribe, will my discount be taken into account when I order?

Yes, if you subscribe to Éditions À Cœur Joie , your discount will be calculated automatically when you order.

I wish to subscribe to Éditions À Cœur Joie, how to do it?

You can very simply subscribe to our subscription issues on our website : Just click on the " SUBSCRIPTION " tab, then click on the subscription form that suits you, then you will come to the corresponding article that will suffice for you. add to your cart.

WARNING ! rebates related to our subscription plans will be put in place 48 hours after your registration.

Are all your items in stock?

Most of articles on the site are in stock or printed on demand. Some references, however, are edited by other publishers and their order may lead to a longer delivery time.

Can I save my shopping cart and how?

As long as your order is not validated, it remains waiting in your cart and you can find it at the next connection.
On the other hand, at the bottom of the cart page, you have the choice of "Save your cart for a future visit", or "Reload the previously saved cart".
Warning ! if you reload a previous cart after choosing new items, your new choices will be removed.
You do not need to have an account registered with us to save your cart.