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3 equal voices

Works for 3 Three Equal Voices Choirs.
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9 hymnes pour l'abbaye de Chambarand
César Geoffray’s daughter Gilka left “Neuf Hymnes pour l’Abbaye de Chambarand” to Paul Sartiaux, and now the work is kept in Centre de Documentation À Coeur Joie Belgique in Namur. This was the first time these works were published together. Only two of them were published in booklets before (“Voici au profound de la nuit” no. 9118 and “Alleluia” no. 913). We wanted to add a version of his last work “Dis-leur,” his musical legacy.

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Accès des quaisFirst prize in the composition contest at the IXè Rencontres Internationales de Chant Choral de Tours 1980.
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Adieu, plaisant pays de FranceIt is a score for professional choir but also for amateur female and children equal voices. Jacques CATEREDE was born in Paris in 1926. After high-school, he joined the superior national conservatoire of Paris to attend piano, arrangement, counterpoint and fugue classes. Right after, he enrolled in different courses (composition with Tony Aubin and analysis and musical aesthetics class with Olivier Messiaen). In 1948, 1949 and 1953, he won the first prizes in piano, chamber music, arrangement, composition, analyses and music aesthetic. In 1953, he won the First Grand Prize of Rome in music composition and stayed at the Villa Medicis. In 1960, he was appointed as a teacher in music singing training for the superior national conservatoire of Paris (CNSM) where he was a program advisor teacher in 1966 and teacher in music superior analysis in 1971. Moreover, in 1988 he became a composition teacher and taught at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris (ENMP) from 1983 to 1988). He won many awards during his career. In 1968, he won the National Grand Prize of Album (French album academy) for his “Number 1 string symphony”.