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PDF sales tutorial

Dear customers,

For some years now, we have been thinking more and more about selling our scores in digital format.

Faced with the problem of illegal photocopying, we couldn't find a protection system we were happy with.

We now have a solution that satisfies us, and we're delighted to be able to offer part of our catalogue for sale digitally.

Unfortunately, this solution does not allow you to combine your digital and paper orders. You will therefore have to place two orders: one with your PDF scores, and a second with the paper scores. This is to avoid confusion, and to ensure that you receive free postage on your digital score order.

Initially, only our octavos will be available. Please note that not all will be available, due to a lack of specific rights for digital sales. These titles are available as always in paper print. You can use the filters to sort your search results (or directly in the catalogue) to see which titles are available in PDF or not. 

To benefit from digital sales, you will need to include eligible titles in your basket. To find out whether a title is available digitally or not, please check that the title includes the PDF feature (you can easily find our PDF articles by using the filters).

Then, if your basket contains titles eligible for digital sales (and only eligible titles), you can choose "Digital sales" in the delivery section of your order. This will allow you to avoid automatical postage costs on the titles involved, and you will be able to receive your PDFs by e-mail.

Please note that PDF delivery is not immediate: we will need to watermark and protect your PDF "manually" according to your details (surname, first name, choir name, number of copies, etc.) and we will protect your PDF with a password.

You can therefore receive your PDF a few hours or a few days after your order (for example, if you place an order on Thursday evening, you can receive your PDF on the following Friday or Monday).