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6 Noëls traditionnels- Choir

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6 Noëls traditionnels- Choir
En cette nuit (Patrice Libes)
Guillo prends ton tambourin (Patrice Libes)
Quand le ciel devient plus sombre (Patrice Libes)
Promptement levez-vous mon voisin (Patrice Libes)
Le réveil de minuit (Patrice Libes)
La crêche de Noël (Patrice Libes)

This singing is to be performed by a 2 equal voices choir and instruments (oboe, clarinet and bassoon). This Christmas singings are very easy for children choirs thanks to vocal ambitus and the polyphony. The arrangements were made in order to be performed in different ways but keeping a consistency in music: 2 voices + trio; 2 voices without accompaniment; 1 voice + trio. The composition of the instrumental trio can be modified depending on the context.