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8 chansons pour ici et là-bas- Clarinette en si bémol

8 chansons pour ici et là-bas- Clarinette en si bémol

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The composer wanted to share childhood spirit, to represent the strong link we feel between the soul and the world when we look at landscapes and beings and that we are surrounded by poetry. There are nostalgic ballades, java, tango, bossa nova, meticulous melody and harmony and some comical aspects.
Jean Ribbe was born in 1963 and is a composer, a pianist, a musician who sometimes intervenes to the Conservatoire de Lyon and he is a trainer to CFMI in Lyon. The ensembles of these two organizations order him works but sometimes have technical restrictions he has to respect. He wants to write poetical works with a musical and literary writing intended for children and teenagers. He already wrote works like songs, pieces for solos on the piano, for instrumental ensembles, and mixed ensembles.
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Come and sing 8 songs for here and there, compositions by Jean Ribbe for 1 or 2 voice children's choir and small musical ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, piano and strings):

Through these songs, the composer has tried to find and share the spirit of Childhood, that of a link felt between the intimate and the world, poetry and resonance so particular that sometimes offers us displacement, places, landscapes and beings that surround us, without forgetting humour.
Raymond Queneau's two texts fit perfectly into this bucolic ensemble...
Nostalgic strolls, a bit of java, tango, bossa nova, a meticulous melodic and harmonic journey... that everyone finds what suits him !

Another version - for choir and piano - is marketed under the title Enchantement 7.

Discover 8 original and playful compositions for children's choirs with equal voices (SA) from 8 to 14 years old :

Jean RIBBE, born in 1963, is a composer, pianist, intervening musician attached to the National Conservatory of the Region of Lyon and permanent instructor at the CFMI of Lyon.
He seeks to express a poetic style adapted to the technical contingencies of the ensembles that are entrusted to him in these two structures while developing a musical and literary writing aimed at children and adolescents.
His catalogue includes songs, pieces for solo piano, for instrumental ensembles, music for image and for mixed ensembles.

Content :
  • Vent du nord
  • S'en aller
  • Sur le bateau
  • Le tango de la peur
  • Ciel d'été
  • La sagesse des nations (Raymond Queneau)
  • Un personnage légendaire (Raymond Queneau)
  • Paulo Coelho