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Young Composers - Episode 1

Young Composers - Episode 1

Young composers with great talent are graduated from conservatories, schools and colleges every year. However, their compositions for choirs are stil little-known, not published and spread enough.
We, Éditions À Cœur Joie, stand up for all of those bright young composers

Today we introduce you to Christopher GIBERT 

He first studied analysis, notation and how to play the organ and the piano at the Conservatoire of Toulouse and at the Conservatoire of Boulogne-Billancourt. Then, he wan two firts prizes with the higest qualification of "very good" for choral conducting and musical analysis.
After a Musicology degree, he specialized into sacred music of the 17th century. In order to be graduated of a Master's degree, he wrote a dissertation about the French composer of the 17th century Marc-Antoine Charpentier and his church music.
He studied conducting at the Pôle Supérieur of Rennes with renowned Régine Théodoresco. He is a skillful musician whose biggest passion is conducting choir. He especially worked sound balance and color, voices alloy, prosody and diction with his two vocal ensembles : the chamber group Dulci Jubilo created in 2013 in Toulouse and the baroque ensemble La Pellegrina created in 2016. He has worked as an organist to the Sanctuaire de Rocamadour for about 10 years now. In september 2018, Christopher Gibert began to teach Choral singing at the Conservatoire of Montauban. He also supervises formations for youth choirs at Saint-Eustache church in Paris.

Published by Éditions À Cœur Joie :

Salve Regina
Trois motets pour la semaine Sainte
Trois motets à la vierge
Stabat Mater

You can play these incredible songs yourself! So don't wait another minute to contact us; we would be pleased to guide you. Songs only exist to be sung!

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Jacques BARBIER's literary crush

Jacques BARBIER's literary crush
LES PASSIONS DU CHŒUR by Bernadette Lespinard, Fayard, 2018


I hardly ever read such a book. A book with soinformation gathered about music. This is the result of an incredible eruditioncombined with a beautiful writing style for a very nice time spent reading.

This is a very unusual subject, because itdeals only with choral singing and unaccompanied choral singing. An incrediblenumber of composers, societies, choirs and male-voice choral societies came outbetween 1800 and 1950 and that put a spotlight on the buzzing musical activityin the mind of French people.

This book is totally fascinating, and I reallywant to thank Bernadette Lespinard for it.


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Europe and copyright ...

Europe and copyright ...

The European directive for royalty was voted to the European Parliament on Tuesday. 658 elected representatives were present at the vote in Strasbourg. 348 representatives voted for the motion,274 voted against it and 36 abstained. The project is very complicated and demands that platforms like Google, Apple and Facebook filter content like press articles, movies or music, to insure a fairer payment for their creators.

This progress is huge for small businesses like us to exist against big companies like them. This is nothing more than democratic not to let the strongest lead.

It is now time for each member state to include this European directive into their national law. However, as national laws don’t always fit with this project, it will certainly lead to great debates of which we surely will give you some news.

We stand for creators’right to get the payment they deserve.

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Maybe today, or maybe tomorrow, I don’t know…

Maybe today, or maybe tomorrow, I don’t know…
LE TANGO CORSE (Corsican tango)

We need to take some time. Wait, working? Ok,but slow down. How about resting or taking a nap, then playing some music? Yes,ok but turn it down. Shall we dance? Hell, yeah! But please, be careful to therhythm.

Anyway, this song is a representation ofthe Corsican way of life. It was made famous by Fernandel and Chanson PlusBifluorée. I know, it’s a little bit cliché, isn’t it?

Anyway, this arrangement reinforces thestereotype. Just a little bit. Basses echo their nearby desks’ notes and alsoperform their regular part. The main melody is equally split between the threeother voices.

Keep singing, but never get tired.

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Manuel Coley arranged traditional songs ...

Manuel Coley arranged traditional songs ...

These seven traditional songs were arrangedby Manuel Coley and transformed into a three-part mixed version. He reallyrealized an incredible proofreading and modernization work for this musicalgenre. Not only had he harmonized, but he also added body percussion to voices.He also cleverly used the bourdons specific to his music, and he firmlysuggests a contemporary reading of these songs.

(They are also available for SATB ref.A121901087)

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A Princess story ...

A Princess story  ...

This is a musical tale based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story.
The Prince would not like to marry anybody; he wants to marry a true princess. A young woman comes to the castle on a stormy evening; she’s covered in mud and soaked to the skin. As the Queen wants to know if she is a true princess, she sets a trick up which consists on hiding a pea under the bed of the Princess, because only a true princess is delicate enough to feel it!
This tale is intended for 4-to-8-year old children, as well as the other tales Nicole Berne set to music. The Princess and the Pea can be either performed in concert version, in theatrical version with children, or with puppets. Each song is preceded by a short instrumental introduction so the piano accompaniment can be performed both in live or being previously recorded.

The Princess and the Pea – CD

The additional CD is essential for Nicole Berne’s musical tale. It is performed by Éclats, Toulouse’s children choir conducted by François Terrieux.
The CD includes a complete performance, a melodic piano and instruments for a miming performance, and orchestra for a miming performance.

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