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À propos d'animaux- Choeur et piano

À propos d'animaux- Choeur et piano

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SA et SSA + piano or orchestra - Sally Galet
19.20 EUR

For children choir, 12 songs in unisson, 2 and 3 parts and orchestra or piano, texts and musics by Sally Galet.

"A propos d'animaux" offers an active way of discovering instruments, either for pupils in music education or for all children, whether in a school context or as part of a performance. Each of the twelve songs has its own specific musical style, and each one introduces a family of instruments, a subtle marriage between them, or particular instruments, some of which, like percussion or the harp, are not as familiar as you might think.

Available : Choir and piano arrangement or orchestral arrangement (contact us to hire the orchestral material).
Duration : 26 minutes

Contents :
  1. Et les phants (1'34'')
  2. Comptine bête (1'34'')
  3. Ours d'hiver (4'33'')
  4. La bête à musique (1'44'')
  5. Canon zébré (1'43'')
  6. A propos d'animaux (1'21'')
  7. La berceuse de Mimi (1'58'')
  8. Koalé-koala (2'03'')
  9. Trois chimpanzés (1'29'')
  10. Caretta-Caretta (2'19'')
  11. L'écchymose du cochon rose (1'52'')
  12. Rock-Grizzly (3'41'')