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“Ahuna” is a South African joyful song. It is the perfect example of the successful mix between South Africa traditional Sotho songs and religious songs in reference to Jesus which were introduced in South Africa by missionaries. Spiritual and gospel appeared by the same way of mixing in America. There is today a great influence of the gospel in South Africa.
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Ahuna song from South Africa full of energy harmonized in 4 mixed voices by Christian Jusselme 


It is characteristic of the successful crossbreeding between the traditional music of this country (song in Sotho language) and religious song (reference to Jesus), brought over the last centuries by missionaries to the heart of South Africa.
The same process that led to the birth of negro spiritual and then gospel music in America.
The influence of gospel music is itself very important in South Africa today.
Beyond the written score, there is a possible arrangement with a soloist introduction that sings the main melody without tempo (page 1), the choir then resumes in a very energetic way. An African-style choreography can bring even more dynamism and interesting visual unity.

Who is Christian Jusselme 

Associate professor of musical education and choral singing at the Marie Laurencin middle school and the René Cassin high school in Tarare (Rhône) since 1989, he has been doing remarkable work with his gospel choir, with 100 choristers aged 15 to 20.
This ensemble has had the chance to work and sing with the best American groups and musicians (Golden Gate Quartet, Rhoda Scott, Crenshaw Gospel Choir of Los Angeles, TrupraiseEnsemble of New York).