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Alleluia - Calmelet

Alleluia - Calmelet

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SATB a cappella - Traditional, arrangement Pierre Calmelet
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Composition by Pierre Calmelet from a gregorian ancien theme, for a cappella SATB choir

Performance suggestions:
Exposition of the theme: a solo soprano and an echoing soprano
Variation 1: Échos brisés - solo soprano and women's choir
Variation 2: Stained glass - mixed choir
Variation 3 : Mineral world - mixed choir
Variation 4 : Encounter
Notes for performers :
This work is designed to enable choristers of all levels to explore new worlds of sound and to familiarise themselves with simple collective improvisations. Initially, do not hesitate to perform it in a simplified version, for example according to the following plan
for example:
1. Exposition of the theme by a solo soprano, with repeats sung by the sopranos of the choir.
2. Variation "Vitrail".
3. Recapitulation of the theme by a SATB quartet, with repeats also sung in 4 voices by the whole choir.
- Later, experiment with more complex variations, invent new variations...
- Imagine an original stage set-up for this piece: for example, after mixing the choristers, spread them out in a single row all around the audience, which will give an extraordinary spatialization of sounds.
You could also ask the choristers to leave the stage when they sing their improvisations on the "accord-coda", a great way of saying goodbye to the audience! Let your imagination run wild and be creative.

Translation :
Glory, praise and honour to you, Christ the King Saviour.
For you the children's procession sang: "Hosanna!"
You are the King of Israel, you are the glorious offspring of David,
blessed King, who comes in the name of the Lord.

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