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Anthologie - Langrée

Anthologie - Langrée

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Collection of SATB traditional and pop songs - arrangements Alain Langrée
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Who hasn't sung even one of Alain Langrée's harmonized folk melodies? This composer is considered a "master" in the difficult genre of harmonizing folk songs. This collection features songs for 3 and 4 mixed voices. While some are already well known, 10 are new and are being published for the first time. Discover them for yourself!
Each is available as a separate score upon request.

Contents :
Pauvre Martin (Georges Brassens/ Alain Langree )
La mauvaise réputation (Georges Brassens/ Alain Langree )
Je suis l'archange de Dieu (Louis-Claude D'Aquin/ Alain Langree )
Vassilisl'enfant grec (Jo Akepsimas/ Anne-Marie Retif/ Alain Langree )
Les pieds dans le ruisseau (Jacques Brel/ Jacques Brel/ Alain Langree )
Ou est mon galant (Alain Langree )
Mueder ich will e ding (Alain Langree )
Die maisel pfifft (Alain Langree )
Herzig's Marianel (Alain Langree )
Il est pertant temps (Alain Langree )
Les trois jolis fendeurs (Alain Langree )
La nuit passée (Alain Langree )
Mon cher amant (Alain Langree )
J'entends ma Lisette (Alain Langree )
Les gars de Senneville (Alain Langree )
Chez madame Duvivier (Alain Langree )
La marche des soldats de Turenne (Alain Langree )
Els contrabandistes (Alain Langree )
Flor del rio (Alain Langree )
Sur la place (Jacques Brel/ Jacques Brel/ Alain Langree )
Les statues de Paris (Claude Guillard/ Jean Perrin/ Alain Langree )
Choeur final des olympiques (Alain Langree/ Alain Langree )
Dans la plaine (Renée Livron/ Alain Langree )