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Blouse du dentiste

Blouse du dentiste

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Original by Boris Vian, SAB arrangement by Dominique Dumont
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"Blouse du dentiste” is one of the most famous Boris Vian’s songs. It presents many variations due to several versions of the song and Henri Salvador’s interpretation of it. This edition is based on the text published in the complete works of Boris Vian (published by Livre de Poche), the original score of "S.E.M.I.” and Henri Salvador’s version all at once. There are two important points mentioned on the score. They consist on two suggestions which are very difficult to choose because each can be completely justified.

As a songwriter, Boris Vian wrote 478 identified songs performed before 1960 by almost 200 singers and orchestras. Among those, there is "Le déserteur” he is mostly famous for. He often worked together with Henri Salvador and was well-known for their "magical” funny and frenzied creative sessions.

This score presents you a 12/8 time version in place of the regular 4/4 time one. So this is more an arrangement than a harmonization. If you want to sing it, you’ll need a great experience in reading music, rhythmic and interpreting. It has three parts and a few four parts sections.

Dominique Dumont was born in 1956. He is a musical education and choral singing associate professor. He studied to become an organist then did internships with Michel Chapuis and Odile Bailleux then studied for a degree at Schola Cantorum being a student of Jean Boyer. As his musical tastes are very eclectic, he devoted himself to the jazz composer André Hodeir during his master’s degree. He also wrote his Asthetic thesis about the oratorio "Christus” of Liszt at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, being student of Rémi Stricker. Conducting choirs is what he likes the most, and he conducts several choirs.