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Chants de la vieille France - Choeur

Chants de la vieille France - Choeur

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op.90 (2016)
For children choir, soprano solo and accompaniment, CHANTS DE LA VIEILLE FRANCE is a work written by Dimitri Tchesnokov, after Julien TIERSOT's collecting work, who has transcribed the songs and melodies of french traditionnal songs from the 13th until the 17th century and realized some harmonizations.
Melodies and texts are faithfully those of Julien Tiersot's transcription.
Some elements of the harmonization have been kept in the present work by Dimitri Tchesnokov.
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Discover quickly the collection Op.90 (2016) " Chants de la Vieille France " by Dimitri Tchesnokov


For children's choir, soprano and accompaniment CHANTS DE LA VIEILLE FRANCE is a work written by Dimitri Tchesnokov, based on the work of Julien TIERSOT, who transcribed French melodies and songs from the 13th to the 17th century and made harmonisations.
The melodies and texts are faithful to Julien TIERSOT's transcription.
Some elements of harmonization have been included in the present work.

Different versions (identical singing part):

  • Chorus and piano
  • Brass choir and quintet
  • Choir and piano
  • Chorus and Brass-Band

      1. La belle au rossignol (13e siècle / 13th century)
      2. Avril (16è siècle / 16th century)
      3. J'ai vu la beauté, ma mie (15è siècle / 15th century)
      4. Joli mois de mai (15è siècle / 15th century)
      5. Plainte de celle qui n'est pas aimée (14è siècle / 14th century)
      6. Nicolas va voir Jeanne (17è siècle / 17th century)
      7. Margot, labourez les vignes (16è siècle / 16th century)