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Claude Nougaro- De Toulouse à nougayork

Claude Nougaro- De Toulouse à nougayork

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Pierre-Gérard Verny arranged those 15 songs for mixed choirs and jazz trios.
The major part of these songs are intended to be performed by sopranos, mezzo-sopranos or alti, alti or tenors, and male voices or basses, so they can be performed by several groups.
Recordings for finger syncing, songs realizations and files for voice-to-voice learning are included into the two CDs.

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Come and sing with Claude Nougaro - From Toulouse to nougayork, arranged by Pierre-Gérard VERNY:

With this collection devoted entirely to the songs of Claude Nougaro, we are inaugurating a new prestigious collection, in a new form, presented as a large book of arrangements for choir, of about fifteen titles, dedicated exclusively to an artist, whether he is an author or a composer, who has left his mark on the musical world.
This collection could only begin with the immense Claude with this opus entitled "From Toulouse to Nougayork".
15 tracks arranged for mixed choir and jazz trio by Pierre-Gérard VERNY.
Most of these titles are written for sopranos, mezzo-sopranos (or alti), alti (or tenors), men (or basses) and can therefore be suitable for groups of various sizes.
Double CD with songs, play-backs and files for voice by voice learning (sold separately)

Pierre-Gérard Verny tell us :

"Through his songs, some of which will remain forever engraved in the collective memory, he is always present on the music scene.  
The man who called himself "handicapped by words" knew how to take our guts through his poems, knew how to give meaning to everything with texts that already sang by themselves, knew how to play onomatopoeias, consonants (sometimes to the point of nonsense) and how to intertwine syllables.  
And then there was jazz, with which he had a fusional love, and on which he set a number of rhymes and proses.
This songbook is, through a tribute, a great tool for all choirs who wish to put together a themed programme or simply a few songs by the most famous of Toulouse's inhabitants.  
The jazz character of the accompaniment should not be considered as an obstacle, quite the contrary. It perfectly respects the essence of each track. It should be noted, as with our Jazz vocal collection, that an accompaniment on piano alone, rather than in a trio, is quite conceivable without distorting the proposed vocal arrangements.
The difficulty of interpretation will vary according to the chosen titles, but never insurmountable and always thought feasible for an amateur choir.
I hope that you will take as much pleasure in singing all or part of this collection as I had in writing the arrangements for you.»

  • Cécile ma fille (Claude Nougaro/ Jacques Datin/ Claude Nougaro/ Jacques Datin / Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Bleu Blues (Claude Nougaro/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Les pas (Claude Nougaro/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Armstrong (Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny / Maurice Vander )
  • Il faut tourner la page (Philippe Saisse/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • L'irlandaise (Didier Lockwood/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Nougayork (Philippe Saisse/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Le cinéma (Michel Legrand/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Le coq et la pendule (Maurice Vander/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Le piano de mauvaise vie (Jeru) (Gerry Mulligan/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Bidonville (Ray Gilbert/ Cristobal De Morales/ Baden Powell/ Ray Gilbert/ Cristobal De Morales / Baden Powell/ Claude Nougaro / Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Sing Sing Song (Nathaniel Adderley/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Toulouse (Claude Nougaro/ Christian Chevallier/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Dansez sur moi (Neal Hefti/ Bobby Troup/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
  • Tu verras (Chico Buarque/ Claude Nougaro/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )