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Coeur de l'aube

Coeur de l'aube

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SATB Piano - Lucien Jean-Baptiste
5.25 EUR

Musical composition by Lucien Jean-Baptiste for SATB choir and piano, based on a text by Stephen Watson

A magnificent musical fresco featuring a brand new idea: choral transmelody, an innovative concept developed by the composer:
"[...] a process resulting from the analysis, followed by the synthesis of the following three parameters:
- the melodic line in the musical repertoire, a predominant place ;
- the composer's training - what resources?
- the range of the human voice and the homogeneity of the sonority.
[...] Let's dare to use a metaphor to conclude this article: thanks to the concept of choral transmelody, composers and performers can be likened to painters who opt for a format ten times larger than their usual canvases. The melodic momentum of this new "sound palette" will lead them to new landscapes, new artistic expressions, always in search of the essential: the encounter with the ineffable."
Lucien Jean-Baptiste