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partition chant chorale arrangement 2 voix

Discover the booklets of choir works collections from the main french publisher dedicated to choral music.

Éditions À Cœur Joie, established in 1976, will accompany you in your choice among our great choice of collections for mixed voices choirs : sacred or profane musics, Baroque, Renaissance, Vocal Jazz, contemporary, etc. We offer a wide range of repertoires for mixed voices, french and european masters of all times, and also young prodiges composers of today. This choice is available online on our site with our collections for mixed voices choirs, either a cappella, or with instrumental ensemble piano !

Our works will suit your 3 mixed voices or 4 mixed voices choir or more. Moreover we release news works all year long allowing you renewing you repertoire at all times. 

If you need more advices in you choice among our collections for mixed voices choirs, contact the specialists in choir scores publishing.

Are you looking for collections for equal voices or mixed and equal voices ? We also have plenty. Discover them now !

Florilège 3 voix mixtes

This is a collection of 69 polyphonic songs for...
41.10 EUR
Florilège 4

This is the fourth tome of the collection...
32.50 EUR
Florilège automnales II

This is a collection for beginners, small choirs...
18.50 EUR
Florilège de l'Europe chorale

This is a collection of 23 mixed voice songs....
13.80 EUR
Florilège renaissance française

This version of 25 polyphonic songs is based on...
16.40 EUR
Gospels et spirituals 1

This sheet music can be performed by SSAB...
20.40 EUR
Gospels et spirituals 2

This sheet music can be performed by SSAB...
22.70 EUR
Guillaume Costeley

Jean Pagot gathered these 16 poyphonic songs....
20.00 EUR
Javier Busto 16 polyphonies sacrées et profanes

Javier Busto was born in Hondarribia, Spain, in...
17.10 EUR
Jean Sebastien Bach

This is a collection of 14 choral songs and 2...
12.40 EUR
Juan Vasquez

Jordi Casas gathered and gave commentaries on...
21.20 EUR
La fleur des chansons rustiques de la renaissance française

Yves Giraud gathered those 11 polyphonic songs...
3.50 EUR
La révolution Française en douze chansons

This is a facsimile of works which were firstly...
13.60 EUR
Le jeu de Daniel

This is the manuscript of “Le jeu de Daniel.”...
20.60 EUR
Le zodiaque

This choral suite is intended for three mixed...
11.50 EUR