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D'amour et de rage- Direction

D'amour et de rage- Direction

(Code: A121900447)
A musical in rap and rock, composed for teenagers, with slam sequences ...
27.60 EUR
Music by Irène Hausammann, texts by Maggy Jeannin

A musical in rap and rock, composed for teenagers, with slam sequences, very well written choruses, which is rare in this style of music. The story, very centered on the daily life is very stimulating in the preparation of the performance and allows to deeply associate the young people to the project.

The story : "Cité-Soleil", concrete towers inhabited by men and women from all walks of life and traditions. But also the scenery for a beautiful story in which young men and women are confronted with the difficulties of the transition to adulthood. Will friendship allow the protagonists to avoid solving their problems with even worse solutions? To find out, let's raise the curtain ...

A recorded version of this musical as well as all the play-backs of the songs and the chats (slam sequences) are available for sale on the

Sommaire / Contents :

1. Cité-Soleil (choeur)
2. Assez ! (choeur)
3. Tchatche de Julien (texte)
4. À ta console (Christelle, Julien, Samira et choeur)
5. Tant de romans (Christelle, Raven et choeur)
6. Fou d’amour et fou de rage (La mère de Raven)
7. Tchatche de Mitch (texte)
8. Chanson de Raven (Raven et choeur)
9. Filles du soleil (Samira et choeur)
10. Les copains (choeur)
11. L’amour à l’automne (Le vieil homme)
12. Trouver ta place (choeur)
13. Prise de son (Samira et choeur)
14. La clef de mon âme (Christelle)
15. Grâce à la musique (choeur)
16. Belle Christelle - Slam - (Raven)
17. Donne-moi la main (Julien, Christelle et choeur)
18. Le jour des lilas et des roses (Tutti - choeur et solistes)