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Dona la pace, Signore

Dona la pace, Signore

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SATB a cappella - Dino Stella - 2005
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Introduction and coda based on the Gregorian theme - Italian words and music: Dino STELLA (1934 -)

Simple in its writing, sounding like a work by Padre de Marzi, this page is designed for all groups, whether or not they are experienced in choral practice. The text, repetitive and therefore without linguistic difficulty, inspires contemplation and prayer. This composition can be sung without haste.

Dino STELLA (born in 1934) was taught by Arrigo Pedrollo and Wolfango Dalla Vecchia and obtained his musical diplomas at the Conservatorio B. Marcello Conservatory in Venice. From an early age, he devoted himself to composing sacred works and liturgical choirs in addition to his work as a music teacher. Since the 1970s, he has been intensely involved in music and choral associations. As a composer and harmoniser, he has won several prizes in national and international competitions. Since 1987, he has chaired the National Federation of Italian Choirs and, since 1991, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Europa Cantat Federation.

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