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SATB a cappella - Orlando di Lasso / Roland de Lassus
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Music by Roland de Lassus (1532-1594), text anonymus, restitution 1966 by Philippe Caillard

First published at Presses d'Île-de-France, this work is a classic, very funny to set up, perfect for a concert ending for example.
Roland de Lassus Composer of the Franco-Flemish school of the Renaissance: nicknamed the Belgian Orpheus or the Prince of music by the musicians of his time, Roland de Lassus (or Orlando di Lasso, Orlande de Lassus or Roland Delattre) is considered to be one of the most eclectic composers of his time. Along with his contemporary Philippe de Monte, he was the master of the Franco-Flemish school of the late 16th century. He is of considerable importance in the history of music because he symbolises the culmination of the brilliant era of Franco-Flemish polyphony.
A prolific and eclectic composer, Roland de Lassus penned 2,000 works in a wide variety of styles: 520 motets, 185 madrigals, 141 French songs, 86 pieces based on German texts, 29 villanelles, 50 masses, 101 magnificats, 32 hymns, 13 litanies and 4 passions. He also left two composers as sons, Ferdinand and Rodolphe, whose fame did not live on in the history of music.

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