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Enchantement 9

Enchantement 9

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Dominic Faricier is a pianist and an instructor. He set to music beautiful poems for one, two or three equal voices. The piano accompaniment enhances the harmony and tones. These 11 songs are intended for children from 7 to 12.

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To discover Enchantement 9, 11 compositions by Dominic Faricier for children's choir for 1, 2 and 3 voices with piano accompaniment :

Pianist and pedagogue, Dominic Faricier has chosen to set to music very beautiful poems by : René-Guy CADOU, Maurice CARÊME, Jean-Pierre SIMÉON, Guillaume APOLLINAIRE, Alice CLUCHIER, Pierre MENANTEAU, Bernard LORRAINE, as well as a poem written by the children themselves (Paysage).
The piano accompaniment gives these works a unique character through the richness of harmony and tonal colours .

11 original and poetic compositions for children's choirs with equal voices (SA) from 7 to 12 years old :

Content :
  • La blanche école où tu vivras (René-Guy Cadou)
  • Lettre aux gens très sages (Jean-Pierre Simeon)
  • Automne (Guillaume Apollinaire)
  • Le petit monde des enfants (Alice Cluchier)
  • Litanie des écoliers (Maurice Carême)
  • Hiver (Pierre Menanteau)
  • Les cerfs-volants (Bernard Lorraine (Diez))
  • Noël des bergers (Pierre Menanteau)
  • Paysage (Anonyme)
  • Une chanson pour toi (Au Début ...) (Bernard Lorraine (Diez)
  • Saisons (Jean-Pierre Simeon)

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