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Étant assis aux rives aquatiques (Psaume 137)

Étant assis aux rives aquatiques (Psaume 137)

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Composition by Claude Goudimel, restitution on early music manuscripts scores by Jacques Barbier
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Restitution de manuscrits anciens par Jacques Barbier, composition de Claude Goudimel (vers 1520-1572)

This text, which is as popular with Catholics as it is with the Reformed, is harmonized here by Claude Goudimel in the strictest polyphony allowed by the Protestant faith. This note-for-note counterpoint of simple phrases separated by silences was intended for performances not in the temple, where the melody of the psalm (here in tenor) was sung in unison, but "in the home" to deepen one's faith and devotion.
Claude Goudimel (around 1520-1572) will set in polyphony, during his life, the 150 psalms of David translated in french by Clément Marot and Théodore de Bčze. For this commitment, he was one of the victims of the Saint Bartholomew's Day in Lyon in August 1572.

New edition revised and corrected february 2023.