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Europa Cantat Junior 8- Lyon 2017

Europa Cantat Junior 8- Lyon 2017

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Quickly discover the 28 titles of the collection of the 8th Europa Cantat Junior 2017 in Lyon, essential to any repertoire of equal voices! Treat yourself!
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Songbook of the 8th Europa Cantat Junior of 2017 (Lyon), essential for all equal voices!

"The European Choral Association – Europa Cantat", who have created the Europa Cantat junior Festival and "Ŕ Coeur Joie – France", organizer of the 8th edition in Lyon in July 2017, are pleased to welcome 49 choirs, with 1000 young singers between 8 and 18, coming from all over the world and representing 9 countries.
The success of this edition is an evidence of the vitality of choral music among youngsters. A vitality expressed in singing but not only. Movement, dance and staging are today fully integrated in the choral art. Music by young composers or sound designers as well as the discovery of new music from the five continents contribute to the new richness of the programme of this week of cultural exchange; an exchange that contributes to the growth of the young singers and helps build the adults of tomorrow. This is what Open Singing is all about.
We would like to thank the atelier conductors, chosen among the most prominent personalities of the choral scene in France and abroad. They have suggested very diverse and creative ateliers,reflecting our cultures in a research of beauty and excellence.
The public will discover new sounds for sure, but it will also exchange with the participants.
Young people sing what they have to tell us. Let’s listen to them. Let’s support them ! »

Gábor Móczár, président de la CEA-CE
Jacques Barbier, président de Ŕ COEUR JOIE

Quickly discover the 28 titles on offer in Lyon in 2017 and treat yourself! !

Content :
  • Praise his holy name (Keith Hampton)
  • I am his child (Moses Hogan)
  • What a wonderful world (Bob Thiele/ George D. Weiss/ Anonyme )
  • Hail holy queen ( Traditionnel/ Denis Thuillier )
  • Agua de beber (Antonio Carlos Jobim/ Vinicius De Moraes/ Thierry Lalo )
  • Baba yetu (Christopher Tin/ Chris Kiagiri/ Denis Thuillier )
  • Come let us sing ( Traditionnel/ Traditionnel/ Denis Thuillier )
  • Le cśur des gens (Daniel Beaume)
  • Ayele wi ( Traditionnel )
  • Et incarnatus est (Juan Cererols)
  • Flying ( Alan Simmons)
  • Alléluia (William Boyce)
  • Body swing ( Denis Thuillier)
  • Tuul (Veljo Tormis)
  • Le chśur des gamins (Georges Bizet/ Ludovic Halevy/ Henri Meilhac )
  • La lune est morte (Georges Liferman/ Jacques Mareuil/ Jean Lenoble )
  • Ricevete o padroncina (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • Le loup, la biche et le chevalier (Henri Salvador/ Dominic Faricier )
  • Gaudete Christus et Natus( Anonyme)
  • Akanamandla
  • Voce chegou (Renato Epstein/ Andre Hosoi/ Laura Stinson / Mathieu Le Nestour )
  • Somagwaza
  • El manguito (Modesta Bor)
  • Watashi ( Traditionnel)
  • Het is tijd om heen te gaan (Jos Wuytack/ Daan Zonderland)
  • Evening rise (Meinhard Ansohn )
  • A la nanita nana ( Traditionnel/ Norman Luboff )
  • Keshet l'vana - white rainbow (Josef Hadar/ Bruria Schweitzer )