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Song for SATB a cappella choir - full score
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This strophic composition is part of modern music even if it isn’t part of pop music performer repertoire. There’s no real difficulty, and every choir can perform it.

Patrick Le Mault was born in 1948 and had a musicology two-year university diploma from Paris IV-Sorbonne. He was a musical education teacher for three years, and then he has begun to work for SNCF for which he conducts choirs for instance Chorale Mixte and Choeur d’Enfants de l’Union Artistique et Intellectuelle des Cheminots Français (UAICF), South-East of Paris. As a composer he has written three musicals, one rock opera, one passion music, several instrumental music, several choir songs, and two masses among other things.

Performance time : 2'30''

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