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L'enfant musique- Choeur et piano

L'enfant musique- Choeur et piano

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This is a musical tale for children intended to be sung in unison with a narrator and a musical ensemble. It can also be performed with a soloist piano accompaniment.
“Once upon a time there was a little boy who could not speak or rather could not stop singing. Since he opened his mouth to talk, to laugh or to cry, there was only music that could be heard. He was named ‘l’Enfant-Musique’.”

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Musical Tale l'Enfant-Musique by Roger Calmel and Didier Rimaud 


"Once upon a time there was a child who never spoke, or rather only sang.
As soon as he opened his mouth to say something, when he felt like laughing or crying, it was always music coming out of him.
He was soon called the "Musical Child"...

The work written by Didier Imaud and harmonized by Roger Calmel can be performed with solo piano accompaniment.

Let us introduce Roger Calmel :

French composer of the 20th century is originally from Languedoc. He completed his first musical studies in Béziers, notably with Paul Fouquet.
His musical personality asserts itself through a language of atonal essence, which denies neither polytonality nor the use of tonal pivots. He was awarded the Grand Prix Musical de la Ville de Paris (1958), the Premier Prix des Concerts-Réferendum-Pasdeloup, the Premier Prix de la Confédération musicale de France (1959), the Grand Prix du Concours International de Composition de Divonne (1960), the Grand Prix de Musique de Chambre de l'Institut de France (1976).
Professor at the Maîtrise de Radio-France, he then directed the Darius Milhaud Conservatory of the 14th arrondissement of Paris.
He is the author of operas (Le Jeu de l'amour et de la mort, 1966), numerous concertos (for saxophone, cello, organ...), cantatas and chamber music works. His catalogue covers all genres, from chamber music to opera.
Roger Calmel has almost 400 works to his credit.

  • Prélude
  • La chanson de L'âne
  • Le chant des saltimbanques
  • La plainte des parents
  • L'appel de L'âne
  • La complainte de L'âne
  • Le chant de retour
  • Choeur final