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L'île aux trois fontaines- Choeur

L'île aux trois fontaines- Choeur

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Musical - Upper voices - Daniel Coste
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Musical for children or teens choir with orchestra or piano, texts lyrics and musics by Daniel Coste


This is a story about pirates, the narrator being a parrot, which unintentionally teaches a lesson in good manners. In the course of the adventure, the pirates become enlightened humanists through their unwitting encounters, and the island's inhabitants become aware of the importance of the arts and culture in society...

The absence of any notable musical difficulties means that this work can be performed by a very wide range of performers (in any music school or in primary schools with a children's choir familiar with choral singing). The story lends itself to a simple staging (version for choir, narrator and piano) or, on the contrary, a grandiose one (with sets, acting and a large orchestra).

Daniel Coste has many years' experience as a music education consultant and has written some twenty theatrical and musical works, particularly for children and teenagers, 3 of which are published by Éditions À Coeur Joie. (L’île aux trois fontaines, Les marchands de lune and Comment Clown devint clown).

2 available settings: choir and piano (for sale), or choir and orchestra (on hire: see our page dedicated to hire material)
Duration : 45 minutes


1. Entrée (instrumental)

2. Un navire 

3. Une île 

4. Barcarolle

5. Aux trois fontaines

6. Auprès de la source étrange

7. La fontaine nourrissante

8. Lamento 1

9. Lamento 2

10. Marche

11. Comptine des couleurs

12. La fontaine des poètes

13. Messages de poètes

14. La lune

15. Sous la lune, les poètes