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La compil'

La compil'

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This is a collection of 77 songs for children’s choirs of one, two and three voices. You can add instrumental accompaniment.
Since the beginning of the 70’s, the Éditions À Coeur Joie published a series of practical guidebooks entitled “Ma chanterie et Cantilènes.” They are choral anthologies and they were very useful because at that time, only school choirs possessed a repertoire, which was composed of religious songs. Marcel Corneloup and Christian Wagner composed songs coming from pop music or arranged songs, sometimes being helped by composers and arrangers. They helped renewing repertoires and choral practice of the youth in France.

A CD for learning is available (optional but cannot be sold alone)

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Discover the Compil', a collection of 77 pieces for children's choir for one, two and three voices a cappella or with accompaniment:

Since the beginning of the 1970s, Éditions À Coeur Joie has published a series of practical notebooks, Ma Chanterie and Cantilènes, true anthologies of choral singing for children at a time when the entire repertoire had yet to be created.
Indeed, only the children's choirs of the manecaneries had a repertoire from the great religious tradition.
Drawing from the popular repertoire, harmonized songs or soliciting composers and arrangers for original creations, Marcel CORNELOUP and Christian WAGNER really initiated this revival of the repertoire and choral practice of young people in France.
A CD for learning is available (optional but cannot be sold alone).

Anne-Marie Cabut tell us :

"...As its name indicates, the Compil' offers a selection of 77 pieces a cappella or with accompaniment, tried and tested successfully for many years with children's choirs.
Mainly taken from the collection Ma Chanterie which offers 14 volumes and 228 titles, these musical miniatures were written or arranged by renowned musicians, composers and teachers who have had the permanent concern to be in adequacy with the tastes and the capacities of young choristers since the fifties.
In addition to pieces chosen from the collections of Ma chanterie, others come from various sources, including the Cantourel collection for our youngest choristers (from 5 years old).
Here is a magnificent musical palette offered to choirs of all levels: unison, two easy voices, and three equal voices, without forgetting the canon, a marvellous gateway to the practice of polyphony.
I wish all those who will take hold of this beautiful work a sparkling discovery or a moving rediscovery of songs that have marked generations of children.

La Compil', a heritage of freshness and simplicity that continues today in many children's and teenage choirs. »

    • Le vent
    • Les nuages
    • Gouttelettes de pluie
    • Petit lapin
    • Mon petit lapin
    • Les champignons
    • Pomme de reinette
    • Une feuille d’automne
    • Le marronnier
    • Do, ré, mi, la perdrix
    • Passe, passe, passera
    • Un moineau sur ton dos
    • Le kangouroucoq
    • Le bonhomme de bois
    • Les deux petits glaçons
    • Billy Magee Maggar
    • Marco Polo
    • Le sourire de maman
    • Nous quittons les Pâques
    • Mon beau sapin
    • Chant de quête
    • La noce des oiseaux
    • Bring back
    • L’apprenti pastouriau
    • S’en allait à Marseille
    • Le rigaudon
    • Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris
    • Chanson du soir
    • Doucement l’hiver
    • Dans la rivière
    • La cigale
    • Margoton va t’a l’eau
    • La chèvre
    • Boris et Natacha
    • Feu de bois
    • Les fenêtres s’allument
    • Le petit vent
    • Là où je vais
    • Doucement
    • L’oiseau
    • Marine
    • Kiriki le Korrigan
    • Nouvel an
    • Le vagabond
    • Si tous les poissons
    • Mon père m’envoie
    • Noël provençal
    • La terre est si belle
    • Trois jeun’s tambours
    • Les trente bandits
    • Près de la fontaine
    • Petrouchka
    • Bergers, bergères
    • La Vierge à la fontaine
    • Noël gallois
    • Dors ma chérie
    • Le coucou
    • Le brouillard
    • Le petit âne gris
    • Dans le soleil et dans le vent
    • Le murmure du vent
    • Kumbaya
    • Oh Oup !
    • Le vieux pèlerin
    • On a la mer
    • C’était Anne de Bretagne
    • Le doux chagrin
    • Le temps du muguet
    • Rossignol qui va en France
    • Grand’Père a perdu sa pipe
    • La pluie
    • Epo i taï taï é
    • L’orchestre
    • J’ai du bon tabac
    • Le vin doux
    • L’automne est une chanson de pluie