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La légende du roi Arthur- Choeur

La légende du roi Arthur- Choeur

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Vincent Gerboullet arranged this song as an opera for children. The story of King Arthur is divided in ten scenes. You will re•discover the strange circumstances of Arthur’s birth, how did he become king, how he searched for the Holy Grail, his allies, his enemies… Magic is everywhere. The musical style is a mix between various esthetics, classic, pop, musical, and jazz.
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Rediscover the Legend of King Arthur, an opera for children's choir adapted by Vincent Gerboullet


The opera The Legend of King Arthur was originally composed with a precise educational aim: to bring together pupils from the various music conservatories of the Vichy Val d'Allier agglomeration community around a common project, by bringing together the choral singing groups and the pupils' orchestra.
Each of the 10 paintings that make it up constitutes a stage in history
You will learn or rediscover the mysteries of Arthur's birth: how he became king, the quest for the Grail, his allies, his enemies...
Magic and fantasy are also part of the story.
The musical style is a mix of several aesthetics, a biographical journey between classical music, song, musicals and jazz.

Composed for equal voices and children's choir (SSA) :

Although the 10 musical tableaux form a coherent whole, there is no obligation to present this work in its entirety.
Thus, in order to meet the constraints of size, duration and audience, the choir director may choose at his convenience the paintings he wishes to have his group work on.
A text for the reciter is proposed but he is also free to insert other spoken texts or to modify those already existing. It is quite possible that the texts could be played by several actors (children or adults).
A work of staging or space setting seems highly recommended to make this adventure even more lively.
The interpretation of certain pieces in tutti and others in solo is perfectly possible.
The interpretation of certain pieces in tutti and others in solo is perfectly possible. Accompaniment is provided for large symphony orchestra (material available for hire) and jazz ensemble. It is however possible to present the work with piano or to propose an arrangement for a small instrumental ensemble.

Content :
  • C’est la légende du Roi Arthur
  • Du blues à l’âme
  • Écuyer, quel dur métier
  • Le swing de Merlin
  • L’épée dans l’enclume
  • Camelot
  • Morgana
  • Samba fantasy
  • Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
  • La bataille de Camlann