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Lascia ch'io pianga

Lascia ch'io pianga

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This is an extract from the opera “Rinaldo” (1711) published in Aaron Hill’s libretto. This is Almirena’s aria (based on a sarabande) of Act II. This opera was performed for the first time on February 24, 1711, at Queen’s Theatre situated on Haymarket, London. This beautiful page suits any group.

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Lascia Ch’io Pianga arranged for a traditional four-part mixed a cappella choir by Pierre Calmelet:

Georg Friedrich Handel's original work is one of the most popular scores of opera ever adapted for choirs.
This well-known page from the opera "Rinaldo", libretto by Aaron Hill, is the aria (taken from a sarabande) of the character of Almirena in Act II.
The first performance of this opera took place on 24 February 1711 at the Queen's Theatre at Haymarket in London.

The harmonization was carefully studied to suit all levels of difficulty:

Neither too simplistic so as not to weary the singers and the audience, nor too complex so as not to distort the work unnecessarily.
Guaranteed success both with the audience and the choristers for this piece, which will fit into any repertoire.

Let's programme it now!

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