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Les dix commandements

Les dix commandements

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Les dix commandements - Music: Anthony Girard
For mixed choir a cappella - 2016
Commissioned by VIBRATIONS Chamber Choir

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Choral score for mixed a capella choir "Les dix commandements", commissioned by the VIBRATIONS Chamber Choir (Music: Anthony Girard) - 2016


Setting the Bible's word to music is an impressive task; especially when it comes to the Ten Commandments, one of the strongest texts that we have bequeathed the Christian tradition. It is about an abrupt truth, which puts the man in front of his responsibilities by reminding him what is impossible for him to do, if he wants to keep the link with God.

The First Commandment specifies the historical circumstances in which Moses pronounced these ten sentences: the exit from Egypt. From a symbolic point of view, man is freed from the yoke that removed him from God, but he must cross the Sinai to find the full deliverance of which each of the biblical ordinances marks a fundamental step.

Articulation de l’œuvre et de la partition :

This work is constructed in ten sections, but with a slight asymmetry since each number does not strictly correspond to a command: Section II considers the text as a whole to give it a more graphic interpretation; section VII is the sixth, seventh and eighth commandments; and section X is a postlude. Based on a fragment of the New Testament, it invites us to adhere fully to the divine word.

The first commandment (Section I) is envisaged as an introductory portico, to be sung with a certain solemnity. Oppositions of nuances and tessitura emphasize the three successive affirmations "I am the eternal your God", emphasizing the word God with ascending intervals (fifth, diminished fifth and then fourth, to the soprano). This sentence is pronounced one last time, but whispered, like an echo on the walls of the mountain.

  • I. Le premier commandement
  • II. Un souffle dans le désert
  • III. Le deuxième commandement
  • IV. Le troisième commandement
  • V. Le quatrième commandement
  • VI. Le cinquième commandement
  • VII. Les sixième, septième et huitième commandements
  • VIII. Le neuvième commandement
  • IX. Le dixième commandement
  • X. La parole de Jean