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Locus iste

Locus iste

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Piece for a cappella choir SATB by Anton Bruckner
Anton Bruckner, born on September 4, 1824 and died on October 11, 1896, was an Austrian composer and organist.
"Locus iste" - "This place was created by God", WAB 23, is a motet composed by Anton Bruckner in 1869 for the dedication of the votive chapel of the new Linz Cathedral.
The Latin text Locus iste is the gradual of the Mass for the Kirchweih, the anniversary of the dedication of a church. The text, focusing on the concept of a sacred place, is based on the Biblical story of Jacob's ladder, where Jacob said: "Surely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not" (Genesis, 28-16), and the story of the burning bush, where he said to Moses: "Take your shoes off your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground" (Exodus, 3-5).

The text:
Locus iste a Deo factus est,
This place was made by God
inaestimabile sacramentum,
priceless sacrament
irreprehensibilis est.
He is irreproachable.

The 48-bar motet in C major is conceived for mixed a cappella choir. Its running time is approximately three minutes.
Bruckner composed the three lines of text in "ABA" form, ending with a coda, "A" containing the first line of text and framing the second and third lines. Pierre Strasser suggests that the composition reflects elements of architecture, as in the symmetry of the da capo form and the use of motifs like building blocks. (Wikipédia)

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