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Ma bouche chante, mon cœur pleure

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Ma bouche chante, mon cœur pleureVery often republished in the sixteenth century, the version in three mixed voicesof Cornelius Canis presents a very affected hexastich about loving sorrow, reminding another older text of a song by Jean de Ockeghem: “Ma bouche rit et ma pensée pleure” (My mouth laughs and my thought cries). On the other hand the music is modern and very pleasant for the singers. Indeed every hemistich is pretext for simple imitated motives and sing successively by the various voices. As for the vocalises on "dame" (lady) and "maîtresse" (mistress), Canis insists on the word "douleur" (pain) by repeating it several times, the three parts being then in almost homophony.