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Mater dolorosa

Mater dolorosa

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SATB divisi - a cappella - Jacques BERTHIER
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Music by Jacques Berthier upon sequentia of Jacopone da TODI (12th century)

A relatively long work which does not offer the complete sequence of the Stabat Mater but a large part of it. Highly contrasting polyphonic verses alternate with those of the Gregorian sequence in modern notation. 

The work is of great musical and spiritual interest. The polyphonic passages are, however, very diverse, both in terms of the character and style of the writing and the level of complexity of the performance. This diversity is engendered by the poetic text, the depth of which the music strives to convey through the inspiration and talent of Jacques Berthier.

Jacques Berthier is best known as a composer of sacred music. This work bears witness to his talent and is intended for ensembles that already have a fairly good choral practice.

Performance time : 13 minutes 30 seconds

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