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SATB - Traditional Carols in a Mass - Bernard Lallement
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Christmas mass, arrangements by Bernard Lallement for 4-part mixed choir, on traditional melodies. Text of the Christmas mass in Latin

  • For rent : instrumental parts and score
  • For sale : Choir and choir + piano reduction parts
After the success of the "Missa Gallica", constant since its creation in 1982, Bernard Lallement offers us a new mass elaborated with a similar scheme.
This time it is based on popular Christmas themes from France and Germany.
You will discover beautiful and strong traditional Christmas themes, sometimes very rarely heard, such as the 14th century "Quem pastores laudavere".
This Christmas Mass is another great success and should be of great interest to all choirs, whether or not they are interested in sacred singing, and of course to all lovers of these inspired songs.

A few excerpts:

  • - Overture : call of worship
  • - Kyrie
  • - Gloria
  • - Credo
  • - Sanctus
  • - Benedictus
  • - Adoration at the manger

For 4-part mixed choir (SATB) and piano.