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Mixed Voices

Selected works in a convenient form.
15.50 EUR
20 chants populaires du Limousin
Roger Calmel, Michel Delamasure, Jean Pagot, and Bernard Lallement arranged these popular songs.
This collection was published for the “Premières Folklories” in 1982. It is intended to be performed by equal voice choirs or mixed voice choirs of three or four voices. Two versions of “Jeannette” and “À la rivière de Lissac” are available: one is intended for three mixed voices and the other is intended for four mixed voices. It can be performed by every mixed choir, no matter how many different types of male voice they have. This is a collection of slow and lively songs.

20.20 EUR
Alberto Grau- 21 sacred and secular polyphonies
The choirmaster and composer Alberto Grau was born in 1937. He is one of the best Venezuelan musicians of our days. He became one the most important choral music composer in Latin America. Many works were published by great publishers in the United States, in England, in Venezuela and in France. He studied with the greatest Venezuelan experts. He won many prizes for his choral works. He founded the Schola Cantorum de Venezuela and won the 1st prize for Guido d’Arezzo competition in 1974, and for Orfeón Universitario Simón Bolívar. He taught conducting for more than 30 years at the Institut Unversitaire d’Études Musicales and at the Simón Bolívar University, Caracas. He was a vice-president of the International Federation for Choral Music from 1982 to 1996. He is now focused on projects like “Construir Cantado” (building and singing) that have a great educational impact on thousands of children in Latin America.

16.40 EUR
Bernard Lallement arranged these 26 popular carols.
Some songs of this collection are quite rare, and this is a way of renewing your repertoires. The arrangements are simple. You can add instrumental accompaniments.
The score can be sold separately.

17.00 EUR
Antholologie de chansons populaires françaises
This is collection of 25 popular songs arranged by Jacques Filleul.
They are extracted from the huge first-published handwritten anthology that Jacques Filleul began to write years ago. Some of them are famous, and you can’t wait to discover the others. They all are very interesting and are an aspect of the musical culture. They were arranged from standard mixed choirs. The major part is strophic and not more than three or four page long.