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OrnitekThe sounds of the birds songs not only drew the attention of the ornithologists …The richness and the diversity of these sounds become a major material for Mirtha Pozzi, attracted, once again, by "the huge power of seduction of the onomatopoeia" - mentionned by Orlando de Rudder in his book “These words which make noise !”.In this work, she invite the choir to sing in “rhythm-talk” with a range of onomatopoeias from the infinite repertoire of the birds. this is not about imitating them nor presenting a list of their songs.Mirtha Pozzi provides a colorful tones collection, using sometimes unusual vowel combinations or vibrating consonants, repetitions, slindings up and down, to build dialogues, exchanges or unison between groups.Inserting two improvisation parts is optionnal. Their moment and content is precisely indicated on the score.The vocal ensemble is invited to create a lively, energetic and joyful music.