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Pardon Mozart

Pardon Mozart

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Come and discover Pardon Mozart, a text full of humour, the latest creation by Dominique Plénat harmonized for 4 mixed voices.
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Very funny piece for SATB, adapted and arranged by Dominique Plénat - translated title : Sorry, Mozart

Imitating Mozart? It's impossible.
In this fantasy he composed for the choir he has been directing for some time, Dominique Plénat obviously fails to do so. He admits as much, and even enjoys it.
His deliberately repetitive rhymes mock the ridiculousness of this inevitable and completely assumed failure.
This is a short piece for four mixed voices, rather easy to access, whose cheerful, festive atmosphere arouses the singers' interest during deciphering and thus facilitates rehearsal. It will be a real highlight of the concert program.
A special role is given to the basses, who must demonstrate agility and precision of articulation. The other, more linear voices are superimposed in a very classical harmony. Could we have said "Mozartian"?
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Harmonized for 4 mixed a cappella voices.