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Pas si bêtes

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Pas si bêtesWhere it is about a facetious cow, studious snails, a raven schoolteacher, a sweet little cat and a mouse white as snow : nearly human beasts. Maurice Carême's poems are full of coolness and are all times favourites of the school litterature. Tonal or modal, each song is emphasized by the harp (which is not only an accompaniment but also enriches the harmony in a roguish or magic climate) ; this part can well be played by a piano. The vocal parts (two parts obligado) are reachable by beginners . They can also be sung by a duet (women voices in that case) or even by a choir a cappella, with in mind vocal purity.

Trois escargots (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)
La vache (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)
Si seul (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)
Mignonne souris blanche (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)