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Pas si bêtes

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Pas si bêtes
Facetious cows, studious snails, teaching ravens, adorable cats and snow-white mouses interact with one another in Maurice Carême’s poems. These nearly human creatures are loved by children as well as grown-ups without being mushy.
The harp player is not just an accompanist; he adds enchanting and puckish aspects to the harmony of these tonal or modal songs. However, it can also be performed on the piano. The 2-parted vocal parts can be performed by beginners. It can be sung by two women soloists or by an unaccompanied choir, the aim is to obtain a kind of vocal purity. It would be completely all right to add some read texts about childhood and animals between the four songs of the collection.

Trois escargots (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)
La vache (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)
Si seul (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)
Mignonne souris blanche (Laurent Coulomb/ Maurice Careme)