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Petites cantates sur grands poèmes- Violoncelle

Petites cantates sur grands poèmes- Violoncelle

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This is a collection of 14 works arranged by Jacques Filleul for unison choirs accompanied on the piano and on string instruments. They can be performed separately.
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Petites Cantates sur Grands Poèmes, 14 works set to music by Jacques Filleul for unison choir with string and piano accompaniment:

These compositions are conceived for choirs of conservatories, music schools or groups of young and not so young children likely to join a piano and a string quartet.
The instrumental writing is thought out in the same way and the complete score can be a pedagogical material (indicated bowings, for example).
As for the piano part, it is not a solo part but a complement to the orchestra.
Jacques Filleul started from the principle that "great poems" which constitute our heritage should not remain ignored by children and singing them is an excellent way to learn and memorize them...

These works, of course, can be performed separately.

Arranged for choir in unison with strings and piano (S).

  • Ode à Cassandre (Jacques Filleul/ Pierre De Ronsard)
  • Avril (Jacques Filleul/ Rémy Belleau)
  • Le soir (Jacques Filleul/ Alphonse Lamartine)
  • Le cor (Jacques Filleul/ Alfred Vigny)
  • Printemps (Jacques Filleul/ Victor Hugo)
  • Un printemps encore (Jacques Filleul/ Théophile Gautier)
  • Les elfes (Jacques Filleul/ Leconte De Lisle)
  • Les lauriers sont coupés (Jacques Filleul/ Théodore Banville)
  • La lune blanche (Jacques Filleul/ Paul Verlaine)
  • Le chant de l'eau (Jacques Filleul/ Emile Verhaeren)
  • Nos rivières (Jacques Filleul/ Georges Rodenbach)
  • La danse fleurie (Jacques Filleul/ Robert Campion)
  • Novembre (Jacques Filleul/ Marcelle Verite)
  • Dansons la capucine (Jacques Filleul/ Marie Noel)