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Plange quasi virgo

Plange quasi virgo

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“Responsoria in coena Domini” is composed of several songs based on texts of the Holy week’s services. There’s also “Tristis est anima mea” (ref. ACJ 523). It can be performed by every choir.

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Song of lament on the death of the Lord, composition by Johann Michael HAYDN (1737-1806), rendition by Jacques Barbier (2000)

Office of Matins for Holy Saturday, 1st Nocturne, Lesson 3, 3rd Response

Source : Responsoria in coena Domini, in Parasceve and in Sabbato Santo con organo et violone di J. M. Haydn.

Manuscript of the Conservatoire de Paris, Cons. D5670, p. 64 to 67

The Responsoria in coena Domini...

include numerous pieces based on texts from the Offices of Holy Week. Alongside this one is Tristis est anima mea (ref. ACJ 523).
This work is accessible to all choirs.

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Latin text:
Plange quasi virgo, plebs mea,
ululate, pastores, in cinere et cilicio
quia veniet dies Domini magna et amara valde.
Accingite vos, sacerdotes, et plangite, ministri altaris,
aspergite vos cinere.

Translation :

Weep like a virgin, my people
Howl, shepherds, in ashes and sackcloth
Because the day of the Lord will come, great and bitter.
Gird yourselves, ye priests, and weep, ye ministers of the altar,
Sprinkle yourselves with ashes.