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Polymélodies 1

Polymélodies 1

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This is a collection of eight songs arranged by Jacques Berthe for two equal voices with piano accompaniments and chords mentioned. They can also be performed without any instrumental accompaniment.
The arrangement is intended for youth choirs from 11.

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Discover the collection Polymélodies 1, an anthology for equal voices, harmonized by Jacques BERTHE :

An anthology of eight modern songs harmonized for 2 equal voices with piano accompaniment or chord references (including 5 songs with an optional extra male voice), songs that can also be performed a cappella.

Who is this collection for?

The arrangement of these songs of today is specially designed for youth choirs from the age of 11 (first year of secondary school).
All the songs can be interpreted in equal voices (generally 2 voices) but a third voice (male) is often proposed so that the choirs of end of 1st cycle and high schools can include them in their repertoire.
Of course, this collection is not only intended for schools, but for all groups.
All the voices sing well and the melody often passes from one to the other.
These songs are proposed with chords (for harmonic instruments) or piano accompaniment but they can be sung a cappella ... For the choral happiness of the greatest number !

  • La valse des lilas (Eddy Marnay,/Michel Legrand/ Eddie Barclay)
  • La polka du roi (Charles Trénet)
  • Chanson pour Marilyn (Claude Nougaro/ Jacques Datin)
  • La dernière séance ( Claude Moine/Pierre Papadiamandis)
  • La java du diable (Charles Trénet)
  • La bourrée du célibataire (Jacques Brel)
  • Le tango du rat (Françoise Olive)
  • Lily ( Pierre Perret)

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